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Low Testosterone Male Hormone Facts

Testosterone: Understanding the Primary Male Sex Hormone

Low testosterone guy
Testosterone is a necessary male sex hormone that naturally declines with age. In some cases, this primary sex hormone may be too low and cause health issues.

For this reason,
testosterone has been at the center of a lot of hype in recent years.  Some supplement manufacturers have marketed towards middle-aged men who may not even need testosterone help. 

It’s important to determine whether you have low testosterone (low-T), but you have to know the facts about the hormone first.

Don't Want To Masturbate Anymore

Trying To Stop Masturbating Myself Behavior

Yeah, Guys. I know how it is. I started like when I was very young, and now I'm much older. So six years of masturbating behavior. I used to do this stimulating activity often, more than once a day. . . I think once I did the gratification routine like 6 times in a day. But I'm focusing on restraining myself to stop right now.

Only Way To Stop Stimulating Yourself

The only way to stop this personal indulgence is cold turkey. If you give yourself a little slack, you'll give yourself ALOT of unbridled slack. Don't make excuses for this obsessed addiction either. . .Like: OOOOH yeah, I'm not looking at p*rn while I'm wanking myself, so it's ok. No. It's still bad, you're still thinking sexual gratification thoughts, and even if you're not you're still stimulating yourself, when you don't have a sexual partner, and natural stimulation..

Testicular Cancer Self Check The Symptoms

Self Checking For Testicular Cancer Symptoms

You may believe you know the facts about testicular cancer and how to self-check. The truth is that many men feel testicular cancer is a touchy subject and will avoid the topic if at all possible.

Testicular cancer is very real and it is important to know and understand the signs. Testicular cancer is the number one cancer in men 15-35.

It is also 99% curable if caught early enough. Meaning that if you aren’t self-checking or knowledgeable of how to do it, you could find yourself in some serious trouble. Testicular cancer is most commonly treated by removing the infected testicle.

What is Blue Balls or Lover's Nuts Pain?

Blue Balls Testicle Aching Pain Condition Symptoms

Testicles blue balls lover's nuts man
What is blue balls - Posted by cindy:
When my husband goes a long time and he can not finish. He complains of pain in his testicles and says it is Blue Balls.

Vasocongestion Lover's Nuts Aching Symptoms
"Blue balls" (Vasocongestion) or Lover's Nuts is a slang term meaning referring to testicular sore aching discomfort or testes pain disorder condition that may occur when the blood that fills the vessels in a male's penis and testicles (or balls) genital area during sexual arousal is not relieved by climaxing that includes the orgasm sensation and ejaculation of the semen sperm fluid.

Did You Know... By the age of 25, one in two young people will get a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Getting tested is easier than ever before. No doctor's office visit. You can use a legal licensed to prescribe pharmacy. You can control your health.
How To Get Local STD Testing Near You

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