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Understand male erectile dysfunction conditions and disorder problems responsible for men's sexual health issues for awareness prevention help.
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Illustrated Positions For Limited Mobility

Aging brings changes to our physical and emotional states. These changes can have both positive and negative affects when it comes to sexual intimacy. While it’s not a given that desire and frequency of sex decrease as we get older, it may be necessary to accommodate the limited mobility many of us experience over time.

Painful joints, decreased flexibility, and physical disabilities can all contribute to restricted mobility. Rather than allow limited mobility to get in the way, we’ve provided illustrated positions to help you and your partner continue to be intimate. Remember that not all positions work for every individual or couple. Do what feels best for you and your partner and pay attention to any discomfort.

Man Up in the Bedroom

What to STOP doing before you drive her away

If you’re like most men, you would love to be a fly on the wall in a room where women are discussing their men and the things they hate for them to do in bed. Are you doing something that’s making her crazy but she isn’t going to tell you?

Even if a guy who is rocking her world between the sheets can become irritating through repeated bad habits.

Read on to see what tendency you need to break immediately.

How To Enjoy A Healthy Sex Life After 50

The Desire For Intimacy Never Changes

Age might affect the way we look, the way we feel and the way we think – but the desire for intimacy never changes. Far from losing your sexuality as you grow older, sex after 50 can in fact be more enjoyable and even more beneficial to you.

Although your libido may drop as you age, who said sex was all about lust? Making every roll in the hay as feel good and satisfying as possible is the best way of keeping your motor running – and building bonds with your partner.

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I cry and beg him for his love

I Want Him To Want Me

I am really trying to understand but don't. My husband had his testosterone level checked and it is normal but he still has no intimate desire to make love. He can get an erection to perform effectively. The only time we have sex is if I cry and beg him for his love and make him feel guilty.

Lately I have just been actually climbing on him in the morning when he has a hard on but I am finding that, knowing I have to do that is making me more depressed.

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