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Understand male erectile dysfunction conditions and disorder problems responsible for men's sexual health issues for awareness prevention help.
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Men's Awareness To Women's Sexual Dysfunction

What Men Can Do For Female Dissatisfaction

Women's Sexual Dysfunction girl
There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about sexual dysfunction related to men. But what about sexual dissatisfaction from women?

Truth be told, sexual dysfunction among women is more prevalent than it is among men. It may include lack of interest, or inability to reach orgasm. But even as widespread as it is, sexual dysfunction in women is much less discussed.

The reasons for female sexual dysfunction are varied, from changing hormone levels to health conditions and mental state. Even with all the causes, though, there are a variety of solutions that can help women overcome the specific sexual dysfunction they’re experiencing. Sex therapy and doctor care can also help.

Develop a Unbreakable Relationship Bond Against Cheating

5 Ways To Cheat Proof Your Relationship

Cheat proof relationship
Cheating can be deviating to a relationship. There is no cute fun way you can “cheat proof” a relationship and allow for others to win. IF a person has the inclination to cheat, no amount of therapy, change of environment or therapy is going to help keep infidelity from occurring.
However, all is not lost. There are ways to help “cheat proof” your relationship if both people want to develop a strong and secure romance for the ages. Here are five ways that you can increase the relationship bond with your partner so that your bond can become unbreakable.
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Should He Get Doctor's Advice For Viagra?

Will Viagra Help Him With Libido Problem? - Featured Post by: Jill
I am working in a store for quite a long time, approx 2 years and this was the first time that we got such a handsome boss. He is 6 feet tall, nice build up, an extremely good looking. I just can,t stop myself when I look at him.

Everyone in the store wanted to be with him and that use to increase my passion for him. I started things to attract him, like my dressing, the way I use to move around him.

He also knew my act, as what else guys want. I could judge from his expression that he was also getting interested in me, but I don't know why he used to avoid me.
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Cant Get Him Going In The Bedroom

Performace Problems woman
Never felt the fire of passion from him - Featured Post by Dee:
My boyfriend and I have been together two years and have had very little sex, or even intimacy in that time as my partner has no Libido (sexual desire) for making love. The problem causes I am sure is not me, I am attractive and have a good figure and always get looks etc if Im out and about - i am no prude either when it comes to sex.

 He claims to have never loved like he loves me and has also said that no woman could make him want it more than what I do - But I still cant get him going in the bedroom.

In our 2yrs we have had something silly like 3 big snogging performance sessions, two of those is when he has been pinned to the sofa and cant get away.. even then after two minutes his eyes try to see the TV past my head and the kisses are simply him sat with an open mouth...

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