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Emotional Intimacy in Marriage

Marital Boredom

So critical to health and happiness -- generally declines over time and, as new research suggests, often results in a relationship going from bliss to boredom. Marital boredom has been neglected in print, but not in life.

Recent research suggests that marital boredom can be as destructive to relationships as poor conflict resolution skills. What happens to the engagement that couples have during their courtship and early marital years?

Boosting Male Fertility

SIX Ways to Boost Male Fertility
The last 50 years has seen male fertility drop by as much is 50%.  I have prepared a brief guide on the little things that you can do to help to boost your fertility levels.

Wear Loose Underwear
The testicles, by their very nature are designed to keep cooler than the rest of the body.  This allows for healthier sperm production.  If you wear tight jeans or underpants, this causes the testicles to be pushed against the body, which in turn, raises their temperature, and as a result slows down the rate of the production of sperm.

Dating Alternative To Alcohol And Drug Rehab

Dating and Staying Safe and Sober in the Modern World

Where can men go to meet women these days? When asked this question many men will answer that the only place they can go is to a club or bar. But what kinds of women do they meet at these places? 

And what about those men who are non-drinkers or who are working to change their substance use habits? Whereas many men used to hit the bars every weekend looking to find love for the night or for life, there are now many other options. Single people now have access to a vast array of dating apps right on their smart phones such as Tinder, Jackd, Clipchat, Down and Whisper, to name a few.

Having A Sex Life Living With HIV

A Sex Life after being diagnosed with HIV

For many people who just find out that they have been diagnosed with HIV, engaging in sexual activities isn’t on top of the priority list.  However, when that “loving feeling” begins to move its way back up that list, thoughts may start running through your head like: Is this even possible? Will it feel the same as it did before I found out about my HIV status? And, if my partner is negative, how can I make sure they stay that way?

These are all very valid concerns for someone newly diagnosed with HIV. As a person living with HIV for the past 8 years, I can tell you that my sex life wasn’t exactly fireworks and candlelight in the beginning.  I have an interesting personal story to share.