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My Foot Fetish Cure For Erectile Dysfunction

Erection Arousal Is Reliant On My Feet Fetish Worship  

Feet fetishism guy kissing foot
Feet Fetishism fantasies erection arousal urges - Posted by: ED Help
I have been told by two different doctors that I have Erectile Dysfunction. Even during sexual intercourse, I have an extremely hard time keeping an erection. I have extremely strong foot fetish fantasies. Something that I have noticed through experimentation is that having my partners feet on me in different places, especially my face, makes it so that it excites me immensely and I get erection arousals.

As long as her feet are in my face during sex, I don't lose my erection. Is it possible that my ability to perform sexually has become reliant on my loving feet fetishism worship urges (podophilia) and if so, what can I do to correct this? There are many women out there that aren't comfortable with a man kissing and licking her feet. I find women's feet beautiful and pretty amazing.

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Semen Report: Fellows With Sperm Defects Live Less

Sperm Defects Linked To Shorter Life

A new study released this week suggests still another reason why you should watch your swimmers: sperm defects are linked to a shorter life.
The average sperm count yields between 20 and 40 million swimmers per milliliter. That mirrors a general consensus that sperm production has wavered over the past several decades. Yet a 
That should come as no surprise to those in the health community. Obesity is at a stubborn 34% and climbing each year – a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes among other things. Evidence links excess weight to reduced fertility, a connection further strengthened with another finding this week, that high cholesterol might delay parenthood.

Can I File Legal Lawsuit For STD Transmission?

Can You Sue Someone for Passing Along an STD?

Coming down with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is one of the biggest blows a person can receive. Can you really sue someone for passing along an STD?

Many people may ask this question after they are unknowingly infected with an STD (HIVgonorrheaChlamydia, Herpes, Syphilis, etc..) by their partners.

The answer is "YES". Civil laws pertaining to the intentional exposure of an unknowing individual to sexually transmitted diseases and infections by a knowing partner allow for damage claims against defendants.

Can Natural Supplements Treat Impotence?

Fight Impotence Without Drugs

Embarrassed_couple_impotenceImpotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability to get an erection or keep it during intimacy. But you might be surprised to learn that age by itself does not appear to cause the ailment. And if you’re a natural pundit generally averse to prescriptions, you’ll be pleased to know you may not need drugs to beat it.

Consider impotence a wake up call, actually, that all is not fine with you and your health. Impotence is a red flag for heart disease, because the blood vessels that carry blood to your penis during arousal are similar to the veins that pump blood to your heart. Failure of the blood vessels to dilate is a common cause of impotence. The same factors that cause limpness can spell trouble for your heart.